January 13th, 2012

Isdaan in Calauan, Laguna and Tacsiyapo

January 12, 2012.  It was my big brothers birthday. We went to eat lunch in Isdaan Calauan, Laguna. From Calamba City it was less than an hour road trip  going there. You will pass by the towns of Pansol and Los Banos. Before you pass by Victoria or Bae you can already see Isdaan. It is impossible to miss this really big place. Because you will see gigantic statues of a monkey and Thailand-like Buddha figures in front of it. 

Entering this restaurant, seeing the floating kubos where you can eat,we were amazed and astonished how big this place was. 

Interesting figures was all over the place. Meet Barrack and Michelle!

Meet Erap, btw thats my mom over there!

Yellow is More fun in the Philippines!

Interesting figures is all over the place. You wont get bored definitely while eating here.

The ever famous Angry Birds was also present!

Riding a Carabao is more fun in the Philippines!

I do suggest to go here while the sun is still up, to appreciate the surroundings and also the nice windy weather.

The Red Buddha just like in Thailand! Sa What Di Kha!

The White Buddha!

And the main event! The big Monkey that stands in the middle of the park restaurant!

The food was great! Of course seafood and bulalo could not be missing! Affordable! And it tastes good also because of the very nice ambiance.

Of course at the end of the place the Golden Buddha could not be missing. If there’s the red and white Buddha, the Golden Buddha is also present!

Elephants is a main element in Buddhism.


My brother had fun smashing plates and not really screaming but jut smashing plates!! Next time i’ll bring my own plates with faces on them, customized! hahaha…

That’s basically how we ended our Isdaan experience! Smashing plates! We surely had fun! Till next time!!!